25 years
Executive Search
Australia and
Asia Pacific


Michael Yeend, director of APMR comments:

Executive Search and Selection 2015
“This year we celebrate 25 years of Executive Search and Selection success in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. APMR’s 98% success rate in Executive Search and Selection skills in placing the best possible candidates available at the time, in executive roles, from CEO’s to Senior positions is largely due to our rigorous procedure following our unique Process Flow chart and to the highly experienced dedicated team conducting interviews and reference checks.” Read more...

Executive Coaching and Mentoring 2015
“Over the past 25 years I have enjoyed advising executives and technocrats in client companies, and in a small way contribute to their continuing success. It has been my privilege to be their trusted advisor. Our coaching and mentoring services have been in demand since formalizing them last year. It is exciting seeing people succeed following our engagement.” Read more...


APMR is a specialist Executive Search firm to Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. APMR’s 25 years of Executive Search and Recruitment success, in Australia and across the Asia Pacific Region, makes it your first choice when seeking the best people for jobs in your business in Australia and across the Asia Pacific Region. Michael Yeend has been Director of APMR for 25 years and brings more than 36 years of successful Executive Search and recruitment experience to his firm. One of the keys to APMR’s success, is that the business is built on valued, trusted and tested relationships, delivering high calibre outstanding candidates to all its clients; ranging from CEO’s, Executives and Senior Managers and also mid level managers. Fees are not linked to remuneration packages, but rather based on the difficulty of the task, creating a fair and win/win practice for both parties.

APMR is a boutique Executive Search and Recruitment consulting firm. It consists of a tightly integrated team, composed of experienced consultants with a variety of qualifications and backgrounds. It delivers people of high calibre to organisations through its disciplined and focussed approach to Executive Search and Recruitment. Other core capabilities include executive mentoring and coaching. APMR operates as an Interim management agency, providing a range of development services.

Our clients are the organisations who engage us. We work closely with them to achieve best business solutions and we have a success rate in excess of 98% of all assignments that we have undertaken since establishment. It is our policy, for ethical reasons, to work for a limited number of clients, mainly to avoid situations which could create conflict of interest.

Our work is focused in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific Region, in searching out highly qualified executives, and recruiting them for clients, in various countries in the Region. We have established affiliates overseas. We take full responsibility for the successful completion of all our assignments.

You can be sure that in all such areas, we are geared to serve your Executive Search needs quickly and efficiently, employing team disciplines. Our experience includes significant assignments for employers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Australia and across the Asia Pacific Region. Some of the key sectors we work in are listed below:

  • Construction & Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Resources / Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Financial Services
  • FMCG & Retail
  • Electronics
  • International Aid and the Not-for-Profit Sector
  • Biosciences & Healthcare
  • Telecommunications & Information Technology
  • Public Sector