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Our Approach

The starting point for Asia Pacific Management Resources is to discern exactly how we can help you, to understand not only what you need, but also familiarising ourselves with the principals we're serving.

Given the increased professional mobility of today's executives in every field, sooner rather than later your organisation will need to replace someone lost through retirement, resignation, or career change.

Your sudden need for a replacement, or the creation of an entirely new position, is the cue for one or more of our team of highly experienced consultants to start work to resolve the difficulty as soon as possible, employing our own special disciplines.

Essential Disciplines
The methods of executive search and recruitment by consultants in the field are similar. The important distinction between them lies in their skill and judgement in identifying, assessing, selecting and finally negotiating on your behalf.

At Asia Pacific Management Resources (APMR) these are by no means entirely mechanical processes. Wide experience in a world of elastic professional and ethical standards has encouraged us to trust in our judgement as well as our reason. We also engage professional Phychological services when appraisals are called for by our clients.

Employers never recover time and money spent on finding, accommodating, training and equipping a new employee who fails to work out. This is why we have adopted unique, rigorous disciplines to discover human resources with the greatest prospects of longevity with your company.

We recommend and apply the most suitable techniques to find the right people. If this includes advertising, we employ this, too. If we can possibly condense the time frame for the task to meet an urgent need, or to make savings for you, we'll do it.

Getting to know you first
We can determine the real calibre of prospective employees for you only by first getting to know you, understanding your industry or service field - if of course we're not already familiar with its intricacies. A little time spent at this primary stage invariably saves a great deal later.

When we understand the managerial style and culture of your organisation, we are equipped to identify the person(s) who will best satisfy your criteria, in three analytical phases: We establish and verify candidates' credentials and experience against job and candidate specification.

We evaluate candidates' personalities and their career progression to achieve optimum match. We carefully assess candidates' temperament and the likely chemistry with the organisations values and culture.

But search and recruitment is not a one-way street. If the phases above represent one side of an equation, the other side is the candidate's view of the job on offer, and the company offering it. What are his/her expectations, ambitions, motivations? If we don't understand these, we could be seriously handicapped in the process of selection.

Making an enduring match
Where candidates are called on to move to another state or country, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, we focus intensely on their potential to perform well in a different environment. And not merely the candidate's potential Will a partner adapt to an overseas existence? Is a couple or family likely to tolerate dramatically different living conditions? Are they natural cosmopolitans who will make the most of an expatriate life?

In recruiting executives from the Asia-Pacific region for work in Australia, we adopt similarly rigorous methods to establish their likely ability to adapt.

Your contribution
Our clients differ in the degrees to which they wish to be involved in the selection process. You can participate to whatever extent you wish and as time permits. Our methodology is displayed on unique APMR flow chart which one or more of our team discuss with you before we start work.

The chart embodies alternative paths to selection, depending for example on whether an appointment is to be made either internally or externally or both, through an Executive Search or through Advertised recruitment, or both.